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This story is part of a series about sex education and teen pregnancy, and is produced as a project for the USC Center for Health Journalism’s California Fellowship. Viririana Covarrubias says she was scared to tell her parents that she was pregnant at 15. Latinas have the highest.

Understanding where teens learn about sex and how that influences them can help us find ways to encourage healthy sexual behaviors, such.

U.S. teen pregnancies have declined for years, but Latinas still have the highest rate. Health expert Jane Delgado explains, along with teacher and former teen mother Christina Martinez. I'm Celeste Headlee and this is TELL ME MORE from NPR News. But, Jane, why do we consistently.

Treatment Narratives of Suicidal Latina Teens. Hausmann-Stabile C, Gulbas L, Zayas LH. In this article, we examine the treatment narratives of.