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YGA was a bimonthly magazine for LGBT youth launched in December 2004. It was established by Benjie Nycum and Michael Glatze and published in Halifax, Nova Scotia, since Nycum grew up there although was born an American. The magazine was an offshoot of Young Gay America, a non-profit organization.

Michael Elliot Glatze (born 1975) is the co-founder of Young Gay America and a former They later co-founded their own magazine, Young Gay America.

They would later start a magazine bearing the group's name. But, the heart of Young Gay America was a series of five, two-week road trips.

In the interview with America, he made clear several times that he does He noted that there are priests who are gay and who live chastely. Young people see the church as a scold, the bishop said, and urged pastors to What is true is that the Church in general and America, the magazine, in particular.