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If you've been diagnosed with testicular cancer, your doctor has probably talked to you about orchiectomy, surgery to remove one or both testicles. Testicles, or testes, are the male sex organs that make sperm and the hormone testosterone. Rather than doing a biopsy of the testes.

An orchiectomy is surgery done to remove one or both of your testicles. An orchiectomy can treat or prevent testicular cancer and breast cancer in men, too. One or both testicles is removed through a small cut in your scrotum.

Your guide to the problems you might have after surgery to remove testicular cancer and what you can do.

Learn about adult hydrocele from experts at Cleveland Clinic. Fluid can surround one or both testicles, causing swelling in the scrotum. Although the condition is much more common in baby Inguinal hernia surgery. Infection of the scrotum.