Dutch police SMS-blasted fire witnesses with link to an 'adult video' - dutch adult


Nocturia in the Dutch adult population. dutch adult

Prevalence in the Dutch adult population and a meta-analysis of signs and symptoms of temporomandibular disorder. De Kanter RJ(1), Truin GJ, Burgersdijk RC.

BJU Int. 2002 Nov;90(7):644-8. Nocturia in the Dutch adult population. van Dijk L( 1), Kooij DG, Schellevis FG. Author information: (1)NIVEL (Netherlands Institute.

In an unfortunate mishap, Dutch police accidentally texted a link to an adult video to 1,900 witnesses of a house fire, which took place last month in the town of Nieuwleusen. Instead of a link the official police website, though, the text took recipients to an explicit video.

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